New members

Deciding to join a church family can be a major life decision. We offer new membership classes in order to quickly get to know you on a more personal level, to share the church’s history and where we’re headed, the mission, vision and objectives of the church, and share more about our hopes for you as a new member. 


The key to a growing, faith-driven Christian is the desire to continue gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. In our Amour courses, members will learn introduction to the foundations, believer’s catechism, and understanding the God’s voice.

financial peace

Join us as we seek to help our members take actions, create systems, and develop habits that accelerate financial freedom. We follow lessons and best practices developed by David Ramsey in his well-known and respected course, Financial Peace. 


In our youth class, we challenge our students to learn God’s word and apply the teachings to real-world issues, express their ideas and opinions on making right decisions as young followers of Christ, and to collaborate with our young students on new projects to stimulate their thinking and creativity in Christ. Class is held during service and no sign-up is required.

Covenant Kids

The children of JWO are taught fascinating stories in the bible and how these stories teach us about courage, Godly attitudes, good behavior, generosity, love and kindness, and identity in Christ. Our Covenant Kids enjoy arts & crafts, storytelling, videos, and games. Sign-up is required in the Children’s center on the second floor.

Baby class: 6 months to potty-trained;

Toddler class: Potty-trained to kindergarten;

Elementary class: 1st-5th grade